Hearth & Soul eco farm and spiritual retreat is cradled in the heart of the Overberg. We create, co-create, host and facilitate conscious living courses, transformational retreats, art & consciousness workshops, leadership seminars, sustainable living initiatives & family celebrations.

We as a culture are shifting from a paradigm of separation and fear to one of co-operation, trust and abundance; from profit-driven chemical farming to sustainable permaculture. On a personal level, we are moving from a collective consciousness of separation – subject to and limited by external factors – to one of oneness and co-creation of the world we want to inhabit. We now have the means to move beyond our old ways of thinking and begin to work co-operatively – assisting and empowering one another to become whole, healed and healthy creative beings.

Surrounded by trees and mountains, the farm is a creative and inspirational sanctuary, a sacred space for meditation, reflection, healing, transformation and rest. Participants experience and develop a sense of their "Extended Selves" and our evolving human potential.

Our Ameneties

The main hall can seat up to 120, supported by individually tailored en-suite bedrooms, with lovely patios and balcony views of our mountain, Klein Tafelberg. Drinking water is supplied directly via gravity-feed from a nearby mountain spring. Wifi is available.



11 Feb - 29 Feb

Cultural Programme for German Volunteer Trainee Teachers
with Friends of Waldorf


7 Mar - 10 Mar

Weekend Healing Retreat
with Charisse Louw

10 Mar - 23 Mar

Earth · Imagine · Create 14-Day Live-In Experience
with Sybille Nagel, Hugh Mosno, Sue Hartuv, Bhutise Mankayi & Barbara Bottome
sybille@icon.co.za or 082 774 5576

24 Mar - 6 Apr

Earth · Imagine · Create 14-Day Live-In Experience
with Sybille Nagel, Hugh Mosno, Sue Hartuv, Bhutise Mankayi & Barbara Bottome
sybille@icon.co.za or 082 774 5576


9 Apr – 13 Apr

Dance Retreat
with Brian Bergman
briancelt@yahoo.com or 072 358 8454

25 Apr - 27 Apr

Personal Growth Retreat
with Johan Muller
coachjohanmuller@gmail.com or 083 286 1891


1 May - 3 May

Weekend Biodanza Retreat
with Annelize Becht tbc
annalizebecht@gmail.com or 082 924 3871

22 May – 24 May

Energy & Healing Retreat
with Jenny Hart & Jane Barnard


Harvesting of indigenous fynbos on the farm for export


10 Jul – 12 Jul

Biodanza Group Weekend Retreat
with Peter Geddes
petged@gmail.com or 072 794 3870


7 Aug – 10 Aug

Silent Meditation Retreat
with Katrin auf der Heyde

28 Aug – 31 Aug

Body of Desire Retreat
with Valentina Leo
valentinamrslove@gmail.com or rhiannevdl@gmail.com
083 679 1297 or 021 674 5370


1 Sep - 21 Sep

Earth · Imagine · Create - 21-Day Live-In Experience
with Sybille Nagel, Hugh Mosno, Sue Hartuv, Bhutise Mankayi & Barbara Bottome
sybille@icon.co.za or 082 774 5576

24 Sep – 28 Sep

Silent dance Retreat
with Brian Bergman
briancelt@yahoo.com or 072 358 8454


2 Oct – 4 Oct

Yoga Retreat
with Lauren Mensikovas
lauren@flowingnomads.com or 078 024 2278

8 Oct – 11 Oct

Ladies’ Hiking Group Weeked [closed group]
with Kerry Bayvel tbc

24 Oct – 26 Oct

Weekend Biodanza Retreat
with Annelize Becht tbc
annalizebecht@gmail.com or 082 924 3871

13 Oct - 20 Oct

Lovers’ Retreat
with Valentina Leo



"My deepest gratitude, on behalf of the Michael Oak Waldorf school community, for the serene and beautiful environment that you have created here at your aptly named farm, Hearth and Soul. It is an appropriate environment for young people at the threshold of adulthood to reconnect with authentic nature, to have their senses awakened by delicious vegetarian and vegan meals and by the lushness of the interior furnishings and artwork. While I was here to follow the process of internal growth and transformation that the facilitators encourage in the group of young women from our school, I personally also benefited from the peaceful setting.
With much love and thanks"
Estelle Geldenhuys


"Heavenly place, celestial food, wonderful people. Thank you!"
David Ferriera

"Delicious food, stunning place. Thank you!"
Sam Farquharson

"Beautiful place and the most creative food! So delicious. Thank you"
Sally Upful

"Glorious energy, food & care. Thank you!!!"
Jo & Chantal

"Wow! Amazing! Thank you!!"


"Peace & night time frog sounds brought sleep, relaxation
& the delicious food nourished me with love. Thank you xx"

"Thank you for so much beauty!"

"Thank you, your home is a beautiful heaven. X"

"Paradise x"

"Wonderful place, delicious food, kind & warm people, magnificent setting. Best wishes to all. Live long and prosper"
Carlos Sebastian


"I'll be back.... please (:"
Eleen Polson

"Thank you for being great hosts once again"

"Such amazing spirits you are and remember to come and see me in Baltimore... until next time. Lovely everything, the food, the mountain and the Coke a Cola Bath!"
Jan Bull, Maryland USA

"Thank you immensely for hosting such a beautiful retreat. Here at Hearth & Soul I found my breath. I was reborn and awakened. I love you all"


"What a blessing to rest in the Hearth and Soul of your space. so richly creative and nourishing for our right of passage for women into “Empowered Menopause”. Celebrating you and all you bring and offer in your wise womb years as you offer this retreat space!
Thank you Thank you With Love"
Carey Louisa


"...beautiful, peaceful, joyful..."

"One of my favourite places"

Julia Joy

"Truly Majestic!"
Frido Braune

"Thank you Hearth & Soul for being such a glorious cocoon for us"


"Awesome, wholesome, love and extreme gratefulness. Thank you!"

"Thank you so much, Beautiful Space, Magical Garden, lovely hosts and people"

"Thank you guys for the wisdom, lessons & advice. Thank you for opening your home to us. We have grown & are greatfull to you. Please contact us about your imagination workshops. Lots of love & blessings."
Jeantte & Alan


"As usual Fabulous Darlings, Love Always"


"Dear Sybille & Team, thank you for the magical time we had in your little paradise! 'Oh great spirit...'; we found it here. The days flew by, so its sad to leave already, hopefully we will come back one day"
Magdalena et al


"Liewe Sybille en Gay en julle helpers. Baie dankie dat julle hierdie plaas spasie vir ons skep met kleure en geure en lekker groente en vrugte uit Gay se wonderlike tuin. Ek hoop om terug to keer"
Helen du Toit

What's Next

We are prioritizing the power of imagination as the next important area of attention for our times. We are offering an intensive training experience at Hearth & Soul. There will be 2 opportunities in March of 14 days each, from 10 March to 23 March or from 24 March to 6 April.

What is the 14-day "Earth Imagine Create" experience about?

This is an intensive experiential course that integrates body, mind and soul – or will-forces, imagination and intellect, if you will. This integration can move you powerfully and effectively to the next-level of evolutionary transformation.

We are offering people a unique opportunity to access their deeper mind in a repeated and sustained way, uninterrupted by daily distractions.
They will be astonished what all lives there as potential, as power, as creative ability, the ability to manifest and invent, to develop qualities of resilience and even future faculties, which are mostly never uncovered, not even in a whole lifetime.

It’s a bit unusual to run such a lengthy course. Why 14 days?

The way to develop connections is through process-work: small incremental encounters, repeated daily if possible. This cultivates new habits, and through repetition actually activates new neuro-pathways in our mind, and so can change our lives. It’s the opposite of a quick shopping experience, one might say.

Why have you chosen such a remote setting as the farm, instead of say a conference centre or other public venue in the city, which is more accessible to people?

In Cape Town or any large city the environment is clogged - one could almost say polluted - with electromagnetics: cellphones, wi-fi, 3G and now even 5G vibratory frequencies, the density of population, noise, traffic, crime and so on.

It’s very difficult, if not nearly impossible, to foster growth in such a hostile or invasive environment. A natural setting is vibrationally supportive and provides the optimal environment to foster our human growth, as well as other organic life.

Pixels know how to lie, inherently; they are just as able to conceal the truth, or create fake news for example, as they are able to communicate vast amounts of information. A forest is like a giant truth, made out of love. That’s why people automatically feel good when they get to nature or inside a forest, because it feeds and nourishes them inwardly. They just sense this healing ability that lives in Nature.

The digital world is becoming ever more invasive of our privacy. This overbearing sensory onslaught actually amounts to a near-fatal intrusion of our inwardness. Everything that we are as a Self comes from this inwardness: our ability to reflect, to think, to feel, and so also to imagine. That’s where we develop our sense of will, our sense of freedom and of autonomy, our sense of purpose.

Why are you combining so many modalities in your experience?

We specifically aim to incorporate all the senses combined. The senses are what allow us access to the deeper levels of our Self, to the extent even of cellular re-programming, and also the development of our Souls.

Today our senses mostly get deadened by how we live, where we live, what we eat. Our lifestyles are becoming more and more toxic and artificial. Lifestyle seems to be a by-product of our current mentality. The departure from daily contact with nature and from animals deadens you: first it deadens your senses, then your beliefs, and ultimately leads to people becoming depressed, diseased and even de-humanised.

In this experience we try to present possible actions to counteract and even create solutions to these tendencies at the individual level. We start from the ground up, working every day from our feet up to our head. So, every day working a little with the soil will start an awareness of our living relationship to the earth.

Then, working day-to-day with plants will connect us more fundamentally with nature, with our relationship to our food, where it comes from, how it is nurtured and grown, and so we are busy re-kindling vital connections again. The imagination is basically the ability to make multiple connections. It sends out threads between objects, which may by themselves have nothing to do with each other, for example an imaginary conversation between a bottle of iodine and a chandelier.

Imagine how these two completely disparate objects could be connected. Just make it up. This is where real connectivity takes place, and it is very fertile ground for the inner life. Conversation fills the space between people and connects their separateness.

Imagination populates the spaces between, and makes them come alive. And so the world takes on quite different meanings when the imagination is activated. Everything becomes truly enlivened, you might say.

Why are you placing such emphasis on the imagination?

It is a crucial component in our human make-up and it’s very under-rated. Imagination is very closely connected to the power of the mind. Everything that was ever manifested began as a new thought in someone’s imagination.

Thoughts are real forces, and imagination is the way these thoughts become powered, and then become manifested as fact-in-the-world. You need to be relaxed to imagine something. Relaxation is significant, actually necessary to slow the vibration rate of the mind, the frequency, down to delta and even theta levels.

Day-dreaming, for example, is the level at which you can go and fetch new thoughts, imagine new ideas. You just can’t have those thoughts when you are stressed out and distracted by the million little things and duties in your life. Also, imagination is part of our very own inwardness, our uniqueness as human beings. It’s most important to keep this part private, unpolluted and not up for public scrutiny.

Who are you targeting for this experience?

We are aiming this adventure at young people who feel ready, and who may not yet have started their further studies. Other souls who display a readiness to grow are also welcome. We feel that all who come will benefit exponentially from making massive new discoveries about themselves, at an accelerated expansion and transformation of their levels of awareness and Soul growth.

What outcomes do you expect from participating in this experience?

We hope to see people learning how to put their existing perspectives aside long enough to be able to broaden their vantage point with new thoughts, an extended imagination, the invention of new worlds, even. We anticipate increased emotional resilience, forming a substantial core, and making contact with their unlimited potential as human beings.

We believe in the evolutionary potential of all individuals
powered by limitless imagination