The dual cornerstones of the Hearth & Soul vision:

  1. Sustainable living in a co-operative and intentional community; and 2. The evolution of individual and collective consciousness.

Preparing for a global shift in paradigm

We are living through an extraordinary time of great global and environmental change, which also contains the potential for an equally extraordinary and evolutionary leap in human consciousness. We are shifting from a paradigm of separation and fear to one of co-operation, trust and abundance; from profit-driven chemical farming to sustainable permaculture.

On a personal level, we are moving from a collective consciousness of separation – subject to and limited by external factors – to one of oneness and co-creation of the world we want to inhabit. We now have the means to move beyond our old ways of thinking and begin to work co-operatively – assisting and empowering one another to become whole, healed and healthy creative beings.

Evolution through celebration and spiritual practice

Hearth & Soul is a place of beauty, magic and nurturing; a place which stimulates limitless imagination growth and creativity. Our aim is to support our guests and enable them to experience and develop a sense of the ‘Extended Selves’ and our evolving human potential.