Sybille Nagel initiated the concept of Hearth & Soul Eco Farm. She sees herself primarily as a creator and a catalyst for others; and this is evident in everything she does.

Sybille’s career began with a Degree in Architecture from UCT, which is where she initially discovered her penchant for bricks and mortar, as well as her love for the creative process. She then stumbled into the realm of fine art, where she completed a Master’s Degree and learnt to be comfortable expressing herself in many different materials.

After a career as an emerging South African artist with works in public and corporate collections, locally and abroad, she pursued academic teaching in both Art and Architecture at several universities. These years helped her to realise her passion for inspiring and empowering others with her innovative, stimulating – and often unconventional – teaching methods.

Later she started a specialist paint-finishing company, where she completed several high profile, large-scale mural commissions, most notably the Gauteng Tourism Authority Building in the cultural precinct in Newtown Johannesburg, and the Johannesburg Zoo.

Sybille maintains that art and nature belong together, and she set out to realise just that in her 2-year working association during the artistic re-creation of the animal enclosures at the Johannesburg Zoo.

It was this passion for blending art with nature which led her to realising her long-standing dream of creating a space of growth; where Culture and Agriculture co-exist in the most harmonious and nurturing way, so that the space itself may then further enable the growth of the people who are touched by it.

As part of her Hearth & Soul journey, Sybille spent a year in Germany at a Green Art school in Hamburg, studying the German poet-philosopher Goethe’s Metamorphosis of Plants.

Numerous visits to the headquarters of the Biodynamic Farming and Spiritual Studies of Rudolf Steiner in Dornach, Switzerland, further served to create a unique blend of knwoledge and abilities. These have been lovingly forged into creating the Hearth & Soul Eco-Farm, a space which can accommodate all these streams of knowledge and bring about a magical merging of culture, agriculture and spirituality.